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  • The shower stall is like everything else in your home and is prone to wear and tear. When it is brand new, it seems like it will last forever. The new solid fiberglass, gel coated shower is so pleasing to the eye but for only a couple of years before it finally wears out. Tear and wear could start off by a worn out spot around the waste and overflow drain to something extreme like your foot going through the bottom of the stall. Homeowners could also fancy changing the shower unit because it’s no longer attractive to the eye or because of a newer and more attractive design available in the market today.

    Kindly contact Vantuz when you want to install a new shower stall. We are fully licensed, certified and insured plumbing and HVAC Company. Besides having questions of how to install a new shower stall or which style you would want, do also have in mind what would possibly fit well in your home. What fits well is usually the biggest challenge and would sometimes require the removal of an entire wall just to make the shower stall fit in well. If it comes down to removing a wall, please do use an experienced plumber who can handle any contingencies.

    Should I install the shower myself or should I use a licensed professional?

    As a homeowner, it may seem easier and cheaper just to fix the shower yourself, or are you just curious? Would you like to take up a challenge and proceed with installations even without prior knowledge? Whether you have a certificate in home improvement or a job in construction, it is always advisable to turn over all your shower repair jobs to a qualified and experienced professional, or you may cause more damage to your home and eventually cost you more than usual.

    The process of repairing or installing a shower unit is very in-depth. It involves hooking up drains through wall interior, where you need to mount valves. Thoughtful and accurate planning may is required on the roof in case you want to update your plumbing and any additional piping vents. All these steps should be taken into consideration. Every trade has rules and code of conduct, and only a qualified and experienced professional should be involved every step of the way. Whether you do the installations yourself, it must be done according to the code, or you will have to redo it again later.

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