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  • The typical plumbing system is made up of many components that need to be carefully inspected to ensure that your home’s plumbing remains trouble free and lasts for years.
    For sure, the prospect of dealing with backed up toilets, flooded floors and cold showers don't appeal to anyone, but having the complete inspection of your plumbing system done can provide much-needed peace of mind. What’s, more, it is important to know as potential plumbing problems when purchasing a new home to negotiate the best price possible.

    Why is it important to have a Home Inspection?

    Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or simply want to head off problems in your house before beginning, it is highly recommended that you get your home plumbing system inspected. This is because your home plumbing system has many parts that must be kept in working order of your water is to keep flowing safely and reliably. For those who are looking to purchase homes, the importance of having potential plumbing problems identified cannot be overstated. They are critical to determining a fair price for the property and should be addressed to ensure that everyone gets a good deal.

    What does a Home Plumbing Inspection entail?

    In Queens, a typical home inspection will look at all possible aspects of the plumbing, and compare the results with the requirements in your area. Lead has always been a primary health concern, and as such, your inspector may check the plumbing in your area to see if any lead pipes were lard. If it turns out that lead piping was used, the investigator with informing you and suggest the most viable options for replacing them.
    Your water meter is another critical component that has to e-check for installation errors or leaks. To ensure that they keep functioning properly (protecting your house from flooding in the event of a broken fixture or pipe), shut-off valves should also be checked, inspected and if possible, replaced.

    The inspector will also test the safety and efficiency of your hot water meter, as well as ensure that it is sized appropriately to satisfy the needs of all the users in the household.
    Pipe insulation also has to be evaluated to minimize the risk of your pipes breaking. All fixtures in your home have to be inspected and turned on for proper function and water pressure. In case there is a direct connection between your home and a septic system as opposed to a municipal sewer system, this will also e inspected for proper function and drainage.

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