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  • If you ever face any gas leaks, be sure to treat such situations as an emergency and get immediate attention. Gas leaks are very dangerous and must be sorted out by highly experienced professionals. Do not under any circumstances try to treat this like a situation that you can fix by yourself! Vantuz Plumbing is there to help you in such cases. We are New York's gas line repair and gas leak detection experts and can assist you in 24x7 in the case of emergencies.

    What You Should Do In Case You Get Gas Leaks

    Back in 2016, a gas leak caused an explosion which took the life of a woman and resulted in injuries to many and also caused damage running into loads of dollars. You must know how to avoid similar catastrophic situations in case of gas leaks.

    Signs of Gas Leaks
    Detection of Gas Leaks

    A Gas Leak Can Take Place at the Gas Meter or Any Place along the Gas Line There is no color or odor in Natural gas. However, a distinct odor added to gas makes it comparatively easy to detect gas leaks, in the event of a gas leakage, you'll notice a smell of rotten eggs.

    Some other indications of gas leaks are:

    Dead or discolored vegetation next to a pipeline Presence of constant bubbles in wet areas Hissing, roaring or whistling sounds near gas appliances or pipelines Dirt or Debris being thrown up in the air. In case you suspect a gas leak anywhere in your house or your property, be sure to leave the area right away. Do not turn lights, flashlights or any other appliances either off or on. Do not think of using your phone till you are some distance away from the affected area.
    After you have vacated your premises, make some phone calls immediately. Firstly, ring 911 and report the gas leak, after that, dial the company that supplies your gas and alert them about the leak. Last, but not the least, call us at Vanuz Plumbing to help you with expert gas line repair service.

    Prevention of Gas Leaks

    In all probability you did not install gas lines in your property or your house, however, you can do a few simple things to maintain the gas lines properly. Doing so will ensure that gas leaks don’t take place. We highly recommend you get your lines regularly inspected for purposes of safety. Never dig anywhere on your premises without first ringing “Call Before You Dig." Also, never interfere with or remove gas line markers. In case you have a reason to suspect any potential problem, be sure to get in touch with a licensed plumber immediately.

    New York Gas Line Repair and Gas Leak Detection

    We offer expert New York gas line repair and gas leak detection services at Vantuz Plumbing. We have licensed plumbers who we use to maintain gas lines. In the case of any damage, they repair the gas lines as per local regulations. Any natural gas leakage is a highly dangerous situation. In such event, you should get immediate professional assistance. After you have informed the proper authorities and the company which supplies your gas, be sure to dial 718-717-1089 and speak to us at Vantuz Plumbing.

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