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  • The efficiency of any machine depends on two things; the quality of the product and the installers expertise. You might purchase a quality and superbly manufactured boiler machine but end up in a whole lot of stress due to the poor service rendered by the company that you contacted to do the boiler installation and repair. At Vantuz Plumbing and Heating company quality of service is the guiding philosophy. We are a team of well trained and highly experienced professionals. Our plumbing services are broadly recognized and trusted over the years we have been in service.

    Recently we were named the 2016 top residential project by Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News.

    Bursting pipes can lead you to a great loss in your house, especially in the case when no one is around the house when they burst. Boiler systems too are expensive to acquire and maintain and therefore it's right to seek advice from the experts before deciding on whether to dispose the old one or just to repair it. At Petri Plumbing and Heating company we have a wealth of experience in a wide range of boiler brands such as Weil-McLain, Burnham, Baxi-Luna, HydroTherm, Noritz and more.

    Quite often, a boiler might fail to heat not because of its completely out of use. It might be, that the fault is only in one or two parts of the boiler. Such a fault just needs a little tune up, and the boiler gets back into a reliable usage. Alternatively, we can replace the faulty parts with more efficient ones. If the boiler is completely faulty installing a much efficient boiler system will benefit you more. This will save you money on heating biffs. With Vantuz Plumbing and Heating company the struggle to increase you boiler system life, enhance your boiler system efficiency and prevent boiler system failure. Our boiler installation and repair services guarantee 98% efficiency and less stress in boiler system management.

    Similarly, to avoid bursting pipe emergencies during winter you need to contact us for a complete home inspection of your home’s pipe insulation. With bursting pipes, prevention is better than cure. Therefore inspection of the pipe is among the precautionary measures that any home owner ought to take, to withstand the cold winter. However, its important to note that even with the best installation and inspection pipes can still burst. Therefore extra care needs to be taken when dealing with pipes.

    Vantuz Plumbing and Heating company the only reliable solution to heating and plumbing services. We endeavor to ensure that our team is adequately trained in the latest trends and technological advancement in boiler systems and plumbing. Once you have the correct brand of the heating machine, contact us for the installation. Quality service is a guarantee from us.

    Moreover we are so Eco-conscious, and we ensure that the beauty of your environment is protected. Boiler installation and repair should never trouble you. At your home or business, you should have 100% peace of mind and trouble free heating and plumbing system. Contact us, and you will never regret having us at your service.

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