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  • Bathroom renovation Introduction Bathroom renovation involves remaking or remodeling your bathroom not just to change the look of your bathroom but also to increase your home value.

    A Plumber is an essential element in your bathroom renovation, and this is because of the following reasons: He ensures that the waste disposal system is properly inspected and installed thus preventing backups. The drainage system is a critical part of bathroom renovation because poor drainage will cause clogging in the bathroom and during the renovation, there could be following problems.

    He makes sure that the pipes are in good condition and if otherwise, they repair. He has liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Bathroom renovation may or may not require repiping in that; it is dependent on the severity of the changes that one has planned to implement.

    He can advise on green plumbing which helps in reducing water wastage, recycling water and making use of sustainable resources through this he can improve the efficiency of your bathroom, for example, WaterSense toilets, showerheads, and faucets, this thus helps to reduce utility bills and improve your home's value and overall comfort.

    Preparation: Before starting a bathroom renovation project, one is required to plan ahead and prepare appropriately to avoid hitches.

    Here are some pointers

    1. One requires creating a master plan before construction begins, consulting with a plumbing service is one of the first things one should do like Vantuz Plumbing and then hiring the bathroom remodeler who is familiar with your area and understand the special considerations your home requires.
    2. It is important that a plumber inspects the bathroom pipes before installation of new materials, this is because old, worn out plumbing and pipes cannot be easily fixed due to the significant water leaks or pipe failure and one will require a whole new piping system.
    3. One is needed to choose the right fixtures for the bathroom renovation project and an expert in the tub and shower selection, and installation will provide the necessary information needed, which is durable and attractive, cost effective and one that provides a good fit for your space and plumbing requirements.


    Benefits of bathroom renovation include

    1. Improvement of ones own luxury and enjoyment in the bathroom- bathroom renovation can make a huge difference to the comfort and relaxation of the user for example use of different colors and patterns may cause the bathroom look bigger, one can renovate the bathroom according to their preference for relaxation and enjoyment.
    2. Improvement of the overall look of the home and appearance of the bathroom though this is not the number one priority in bathroom renovation, it comes in handy with a well-functioning bathroom to improve comfort and relaxation.
    3. Renovating adds space to the bathroom and is done either through construction or adding virtual space by switching fixtures and components. The area is advantageous as it allows one to declutter the rest of the house like building cabinets to store extra towels and linens. The renovator expert can quickly advise on the range of usage of the additional space created.
    4. Bathroom renovation increases the home value, especially when selling a home as the bathroom gives a statement of the home in general because a bathroom remodel can pay for itself in its return on investment.
    5. A spacious bathroom is easy to clean and also the fact that one has remodeled the bathroom, even the rusty pipes and old fixtures have been replaced thus the shower brings in fresh water, and a new showerhead is essential in preventing bacteria, germs, and pathogens.
    6. Bathroom renovation adds energy efficiency and saves money on utilities. This is attributed to, updating of old fixtures, swapping out of shower heads, using low-flow fixtures and putting new bulbs. All these save money on repairs for a long time for the user.
    7. Improvement of overall health in two ways: psychological and physical.

    Psychological, in that, a renovated bathroom, which looks and feels good, makes one feel good too and could translate to get one out of depression. Regarding physical health, the old fixtures may cause sicknesses due to the rusty pipes or the wet surfaces that could lead to bacteria or germ illnesses.

    In conclusion, Vantuz Plumbing, and heating offers this plumbing solution for your bathroom renovation and they ensure that the project is accomplished to the customer's satisfaction and beyond. Also, the service provided is per the budget, but the bathroom renovation is done putting into consideration the vital systems that make your bathroom work in perfect condition.

    Vantuz Plumbing will cause the bathroom look beautiful and most importantly, ensure that the remodel remains solid and well-constructed for longer. To contact Vantuz Plumbing and Heating, one call -----------.

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